Some days it can feel like we wake up with rocket fuel in our veins, ready to take the day by storm. Happiness comes totally natural. But on others it can feel like we have lead weights strapped to our shoes. It’s simply the nature of being human. Nothing right or wrong about it, but accepting it can be hard and often impede our happiness and understanding of life and its cycles.

You see what we fail to understand is that happiness is not a goal or an attitude. So that leaves us with one lingering question –  just what happiness is?

Happiness is a practice and it’s on us to learn it. While some days are easier to find a smile than others, happiness is a daily choice. It’s a mindset we can nurture and train. That doesn’t mean it’s there every second, but when you notice it’s missing, often the tiniest shift can put you right back on top of the world. Life will constantly test our ability to make a lemonade out of the sourest of lemons. The Daily Buddha is simply a reminder each day that we need to embrace the world a bit differently and accept what we are given within each moment and grow from there. I know that this may sound like common sense, unfortunately common sense is not always common practice. Thus my mission is to help each person rediscover their own light, to understand that the world itself has no problems, that we create our own problems through misunderstanding, miscommunication and mis-guided efforts. When we can stop and accept the moment for what it is and what we can learn we then begin to see a clear path to walk along and share with others. This in the most subtle form is what presence and buddhism is about. What freedom that is, to be whatever we are in the moment, even if it’s unacceptable. There is no shame in being whoever we are where ever we may be at any given moment. This is genuine, this is authentic, this is freedom.

Peace and Love, Jim