As life moves forward its tempting to think that we too must move along with it. To some degree this is true (in the sense that we can’t stand still anymore than life does). We grow further as a person, we reach for more goals, we experience some successes and life becomes grows and encompasses more and more.

But sometimes life requires us to pause, side step or take a momentary break.  This is the rhythm of life and honestly its to be expected from time to time. Life is not a line even though we are conditioned to see it this way. Our reality is a journey that often zigs and zags along. Twists and turns are the norm and although they can seem off course or distracting each of us are still moving forward.

So. . . .

Even though we could say that life always moves forward, forward doesn’t always mean straight ahead.

Forward can mean backtracking.
Forward can mean getting sidetracked.
Forward can mean circling around.
Forward can mean sitting still for a little while.

As frustrating as it may feel at times, these “diversions” are usually required for reasons not always perceived or known. Some of my best moments have not happened on the “straight line”, but happened when I had to turn around, or make my way through other means. Sometimes it meant embracing being “stuck” and taking the time to understand why. The key is to not avoid these moments but embrace them as lessons to learn, experiences to gather and wisdom to be found.

With a shift in our attitude toward our moments we can change how they affect us for the better. although we may not always look forward to these times, becoming a little more accepting of them allows us to go just a little further.

Peace and Love, Jim

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