Hello my friends!

If you are seeing this post, receiving it via email or subscribing via Facebook then let us celebrate not only a new year but also the return of The Daily Buddha site and subscription service!

Many of you once subscribed to my daily post via email which was driven by my website. Due to unfortunate events, timing and other issues I had to shut down that avenue and move The Daily Buddha to a Facebook only stream.

Well today the site has returned – The Daily Buddha and you now may read directly through the site as well as view back posts, comment and sign up for daily posts.

I am working hard to fulfill my visions for The Daily Buddha in many ways and step one is to create and develop multiple outlets and platforms for inspirations, insights and understanding. With this energy in place I am extending my efforts into new directions including the New Daily Buddha channel on Youtube here: The Daily Buddha YouTube. I encourage everyone to subscribe as new videos will be created on various topics and themes and the channel updated weekly with new videos.

Last but not least many of you have provided support over the years and your generosity was and currently is why the site and new channels have returned and The Daily Buddha continued to be published after some setbacks over the years. Creating a secure means for many of you to contribute to continuation of The Daily Buddha was not always easy. I am very happy to announce The Daily Buddha on The Daily Buddha on Patreon. I hope to create more unique content there and offer other option so please visit!

I will also be announcing a means to publish other writers, artists and contributors that understand and appreciate a mindful, conscious, life.

My gratitude for finding a means to bring this to life that cannot be expressed in words so a deep thank you and continuation to create meaningful content is my gratitude practice and gift to each and every one of you! May we ring in another year and make progress in our daily steps to love, understanding and compassion.

Peace and Love, Jim

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