We clean our houses, our cars, our clothes, and our bodies, so they don’t become dirtier and dirtier. Imagine a house that has been lived in by a family for thirty years and never been cleaned! Yet how many of us clean our minds? Do we remove the build-up of mental patterns that we accumulate through our senses, our emotions, and our reactions and attitudes to the world?

Imagine all the past experiences and emotions that have accumulated throughout our lives. As they accumulate and form patterns, we become more and more fixed and inflexible. It is difficult to change unless we remove them.

For me, spirituality is nothing more than becoming like a child, because the ego is what is associated with becoming adult. If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything – this is “wonder” we often miss as adults.

Enter awareness. . .

As we grow up, we learn values from our society and family. We learn what is right and wrong. As childhood turns into adulthood, we become more and more set in our ways, creatures of habit. When we can awaken and become aware of  our lifelong conditioning we begin to turn back the layers of habits and views that cloud our perception. We can become more flexible and open, and put down a few of the habits and mindsets we have accumulated over the years.

Peace and Love, Jim

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