Are We?

Often when I run I perform a type of walking/running meditation in which you focus on being with the physical sensations happening within the body. The funny thing is that such tremendous focus can and often does bring to light so much more than that which you are focusing on. This morning the air was crisp and a gentle breeze was blowing. It was still dark and the dew had not yet been disturbed.

The sky was a beautiful dark purple and the orange street lights cast a complimentary glow into the air.

At times like this when the world is not yet awake it is hard to believe that we can get so caught up in our minds drama that we miss the natural beauty and stillness of the planet we inhabit. It is quite easy to see that without us here there is nothing, no noise, no pollution, and no traffic, that the world is indeed empty of all that. The only thing the world has to offer us is a chance to find our peace with it, to find our way then find our place. The world is not hard, we make it so. The world is not angry, we are. The world does not shed a tear in pain, people do. It becomes glaringly obvious that the world does not have a single problem in all it’s natural boundaries, we do.

In a time when wars rage on and uncertainty seems the only sure thing, we can take stock in the fact that the world and all it’s natural splendor is as it should be. The question is are we?

Peace and Love, Jim

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