When your mind is overwhelmingly distracted with all these matters of our current times, you in a sense become mindless to it.

When you don’t practice reason, your mind becomes blank. You don’t use your imagination anymore. You don’t plan and you stop moving forward. escaping the current moments or thoughts can do the same thing if you’re not careful.

It can stop you from using your mind.

When you stop using your mind, you chug along on the Mindless Express going nowhere. You forget to look at how beautiful the world is. Your energy flows where your attention goes and then drains away until nothing is left. The more you escape the less you live in the world around you.

The answer is to awaken to the breaks you take, the slumber you surrender to. When we give our attention and love to anything in life, it is a significant offering. We only have so much timed what we spend it on and who we give it to will determine the course of our steps, our decisions and our life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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