Buddha Nature. . .
Maybe in my past writing or conversations you have heard the term “Buddha Nature” which I believe we all possess but just what is this? What we call Buddha Nature is the source of all positive qualities, up to and including enlightenment, which is freedom from suffering, nibbana, coolness, as well as the realization of all that is good in us. All beings are equally endowed with Buddha Nature. It is not something that saints and sages have in a greater measure, and ordinary people have less.In all places and times, in all cultures, for all people, this essential, perfect, true nature is exactly the same. Seeing this at once removes both self denigration, and any pride we may have.

A few of these qualities inherent in our fundamental nature can be named, as kindness and compassion, intelligence, strength, patience, gentleness, generosity, joy, and peace. These are there simultaneously. All of the spiritual practice that we do is to reveal and manifest this true nature.

This Buddha Nature in us is indestructible. No matter what sentient beings go through, no matter how deluded they are, no matter how much they suffer or cause others to suffer, it remains the same, and to be realized.

This is the holy amen hallelujah of Buddhism.

Glimpsing this for even a moment can change everything for a person. It can be like finding a single gold coin, when before we thought we were poor; seeing it for a while, in more depth and fullness can be like finding a whole chest of gold in a field – we then have enough for a lifetime, or several lifetimes. Seeing our Original Nature even more fully, is like seeing first a single ray of light, and then, the dawning of a new day. Everywhere this light illumines, enriches, and brings joy.

Appreciating beauty, having gratitude, humility, and a sense of humor; practicing kindness and compassion, joy, and steadfastness all help to recognize this our true nature. Buddha Nature is the foundation of all life. This is what we draw from for all our practices.

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