“What is to give light must endure burning.”  ~ Viktor Frankl

This quote can lead us to many thoughts and many scenarios, but the underlying message is one of passion. To the untrained mind passion can be double edged sword, so we must come to understand and employ our passion in a more conducive demeanor.

What is passion? Passion is drive. Passion is ambition. It presents itself as the courage to continue on. Passion takes courage and the ability to challenge what others may think of you or your choices. It is being the pilot of your own fate. Some people become so passionate about something that it consumes them and forms a second life of its own. Others take their passion and get results. It goes beyond the cliché of practice makes perfect, but doesn’t settle for less than, not perfection itself, but an obtainable goal to be the best that one can possibly be. It creates stairways, windows and opens doors. It doesn’t wait for any opportunities, but forges onward to create opportune openings itself.

To paraphrase from The Buddha – When a man makes utensils out of a metal which has been thoroughly cleansed of dross, and infused with presence and clarity the utensils will be excellent. You monks, who wish to follow the Way, make your own hearts clean from the dirt of evil misguided passion, and your own conduct will be unimpeachable and serve well over passions that have no purpose or meaning.

Peace and Love, Jim

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