Emerson wrote: “And so of cheerfulness, or a good temper, the more it is spent, the more of it remains.”

It has been said that Cheerfulness is a frivolous behavior, but I challenge that cheerfulness is not the same as frivolousness. Cheerfulness is born of a determined spirit. Frivolousness is more akin to avoidance or escape. Emerson also said: “power dwells with cheerfulness and hope puts us in a working mood.”

I think with a little examination we too may conclude that without cheerfulness there is no strength. However we often thing of rigidity, sternness or struggle when we conceptualize “strength”. But if we look closely at some of our most positive and profound individuals in life we will find a balance of struggle, strength and good cheer. May we all strive to advance still more brightly and cheerfully through this life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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