When times are tough, our strength shines through. Have you ever noticed that the strongest people you know have gone through the roughest of times and are still standing?

We learn to embrace our strength when things are going poorly and when there are tragic events taking place. When we are being tested, our strength emerges and we can show what we are truly made of. The best way to build this strength is to plant the seeds of positivity.

A great place to plant the seeds of positive thinking is with self-compassion. When you start taking moments to practice self-care, you reduce your stress levels according to recent research.

Consider using a quote to start each day off with a positive attitude. A daily dose of happiness can set the tone for positive thinking. At the end of the day, try a moment of gratitude to seal the positivity. The multitude of studies that I and other scientists have conducted on positivity is destined to remain merely interesting dinner conversation until you deepen your self-study. You need to pivot away from what’s worked for others and toward what works for you. Have your own ‘Eureka!’ moments. Discover for yourself what rouses genuine and heartfelt positivity.

These ways to manage stress can be applied regularly to maintain a good attitude and keep you from reaching a crisis point in your mental health. Remember, you don’t have to be joyful or boisterous to be positive. Sometimes positivity feels like serenity or hope or awe, and sometimes it feels like connection and silliness and confidence. Don’t compare your positive attitude to anyone else’s – trust that with careful and consistent effort your positive thinking will reduce your stress and elevate your mood.

Peace and Love, Jim

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