Consciousness. . .

Whether it is a tree, a bird, an insect, a worm, an elephant, or a human being – everything is made up of the same simple materials. We call this intelligence that makes life happen “consciousness.” If you are unconscious, you do not even know whether you are alive or dead. If you are in deep sleep, you are alive, but you do not know it.

The only reason why you experience life and aliveness is because you are conscious – aware of something more.

Consciousness does not mean becoming self-conscious. Self-consciousness can be an addictive idea to something that does more harm than good in most cases ( do I look good, do I matter and I attractive, smart etc); unconsciousness is more closely related to death, to not knowing or not being anything. Being conscious just means that you are in touch with the root of who you are. What you could call as consciousness is not an act, an idea or even a quality – it is the very basis of creation.

Consciousness happens not because you are doing something, but simply because you have allowed it. Life is happening to you, but it is not your doing. What we are calling consciousness is the basis of your life and your existence. It is not something that you can do or not do at a particular time. Consciousness is still on whether you are in this body or you are disembodied. The question is only whether it is available to you or not. You are always available to consciousness – you cannot escape that – but is it available to you?

The word “conscious” is being used in so many different ways that it is confusing but there is consciousness. If you dissolve your physical, psychological, emotional and energy forms, you have become consciousness. Not that you became conscious in the sense that you possess consciousness, but you have become consciousness.

You can neither generate consciousness within this nor in any of your modern technologies. Essentially, life is like a pop-up store: it exists for a moment has some really great unique deals thens its gone. Everything else is a pop-up. The galaxy is a pop-up, solar system is a pop-up, the planet is a pop-up and you are a pop-up. A human being has the ability to not just be a pop-up, but become the source. When you become that, in some way you dissolve your identity, because your body, your mental structure essentially is because of an identity.  

In your experience, what is you and what is not you is a made up reality that you make up by identifying with it. Whether it is an object or a person or a thing or a property, including your body and mind, you only feel that it is you when you are identified with it. So if you withdrew your identities, then you dissolve. Not that your body will melt away – it is still sitting here – but because you have withdrawn your identity, it has dissolved from your experience. Then you are consciousness, because that is the basis of your origin.

Peace and Love, Jim

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