We are the continuation of our loved ones (they’re in us)
The loss of a loved one will never be “easy”, and we won’t ever arrive at a state of mind where we’re totally unaffected by it, but Buddhism has much wisdom that can help us skillfully manage the sadness and sorrow that overtake us when we lose someone we care about.

In a very real way, much of our loved ones for us existed in our idea of them. Within this idea exists certain qualities that we particularly loved about them.Think of something you really loved about the person, specifically something you know you inherited from them. If you can begin to notice these qualities in others, particularly yourself, you can feel some level of healing and connection with the person.

It’s in this way that we realize that the person never truly left us. This is how all things are. Their personality, their physical body, and their presence. It’s all there, you just have to look a little differently. More deeply at the world around you.

It’s there, and you can come in contact with it.

Peace and Love, Jim

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