If you took the time to count your positive moments each day you would be surprised by how many beneficial, wonderful moments there are. We are all so fortunate in so many ways, we need only to recognize them.

When we recognize the goodness in our life, a strangers smile, we began to see that it is the power of us as people who can shape our days, our lives and those of others. When we benefit others you can imagine sending them light, love, joy, peace, healing and flow. Everyone everywhere would appreciate these kind gestures of thoughtful intention. These outward actions are not in the context of religion but more about assisting others to more fully express who they are.

Counting your personal blessing is about being present, noticing, and fully appreciating the gifts of the here and now. When truly present there are little moments of joyful expansion, of pure wonder, of enlightening insights and of hearts on fire about life.

There are so many grace filled moments going on every day. All we have to do is bring our attention to the now and fully take in this richness of possibilities there waiting for us.

You can enjoy these precious little uplifts almost anywhere including: as you begin your day, in front of your computer, in a conversation, walking your dog, waiting in line or sitting down to write a note.

Life is what we simply make of each moment.

Peace and Love, Jim

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