According to Buddhism, health is not a condition in which we merely escape negative influences. It is a highly positive, active state in which we hold ourselves responsible for such influences, in which we face this life, this body, this mind and support each accordingly. We do so not just for ourselves but also so we may be strong and able for others when they are in need.

The word disease implies a lack of ease, which conversely implies that health should be a state of ease. In the Buddhist sense, however, being “at ease” does not mean freedom from difficulties; it means having the strength to meet and overcome any problem with “ease.” It means understanding our difficult moments and having an appreciation for the lessons we learn by going through them.

Yes it takes time, yes it takes effort – all exercise does, but in the end what we gain goes far beyond the physical concepts of the body and takes us into the true values of a “healthy” life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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