Choose the Messages That Bookend Your Day.

Just as I think it’s important to begin the day with the messages that set the course for our morning, what we end the day with can have repercussions as well. What thoughts do you want to bring to your sleep (or subsequent lack thereof)?

Consider local news or that hefty bestseller might not inspire the deepest repose. Skip the typical routines and embrace the end of day. The worst case scenario is typically the most prevalent – reviewing the day or thinking about tomorrow. I personally think these two should be avoided for ending the day.

Instead, disconnect in a healthy way. Listen to music, watch a light entertaining movie or short film. My personal favorite is to to look up places I would to visit and find YouTube videos showing highlights of these places.

At the end of the day we simply need to let go of what was, give no power to what has yet to be and simply allow the mind to play in the moment of now that precede our rest.

Peace and Love, Jim

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