Your energy has far more power than you can even imagine. There is energy in the words you speak, in your emails and in your physical presence. When we function from a fearful, low-level energetic state, our thoughts and energy can literally pollute the world. But when we function from a place of positive energy, the world around us becomes more positive. You have the power to raise your own energy and serve the world. And it’s easier than you might think.

Ready to raise your energy and live a more meaningful life

Step 1: Be more real – Your real power stems from your authentic truth. This exercise heightens your awareness of what it feels like to be in your truth versus what it feels like to be out of alignment. Take out your pen and paper and describe the differences between what it feels like to be in your truth versus what it feels like to be in your ego. How do you act differently, talk differently, think and even breathe differently? Pay close attention to the differences in how you feel. Then, whenever you notice yourself out of alignment with your truth, use this affirmation: There is nothing more powerful than my authentic truth.

Step 2: Judge no more – Judgment weakens your power.  Witness how your words and actions affect you, Notice how on levels large and small that you judge yourself or make assumptions about your decisions. These are all subtle forms of judgement and though it can serve us well it often does not. Each shift from judgment to unity is a miracle. The reason is simple: Judgment creates separation. The ego cannot survive without judgment. The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal. Though judgment may be our default, unity is our truth. The moment we release judgment, unity is restored.

Step 3: Remember your presence is your power – If your presence doesn’t work, neither will your word. That energy force is our presence. Access your power presence by practicing a meditation. Learn something from your quiet moments and embrace the knowledge and insights you gain each day on your cushion.

Step 4: Access your power in the service of others – I’ll tell you how to find your power: Use your power for someone who has none. There’s no greater way to tap into your power then to be in the service of someone who has none. If you’re feeling disempowered, immediately find a way to serve. Go to a homeless shelter, mentor a child — do anything that helps you discover your power and use it in service of someone else. This radical action will instantly remind you of how powerful you really are and reinforce the essential idea that your power is best used to lift up others and serve the world.

Step 5: Shine! – Most of us have been taught to turn down our power. Playing small won’t work anymore. The world is in desperate need of more mindful people waking up to their true power and purpose. It is your responsibility to shine bright. Get into a daily practice of turning on your inner light. Use these tools throughout the day, be more real, stop judgment, meditate, and serve others. As you live in your power on a moment-to-moment basis you will notice your life begin to flow. You will feel more connected to your purpose. You will live in the light.

Peace and Love, Jim

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