When the word “evolution” comes up, you might think back to high school science class and learning about the change within biological populations over billions of years. However, the core meaning of evolution is the gradual development of something growing more complex. That means you have the ability to evolve through the choices you make and the intentions you set … every day.

You have already evolved from the person you were in elementary school. Why stop now that you’re an adult? You can make time to evolve even with the daily responsibilities to work and family. There are small actions you can take throughout your typically busy day to create a more evolved you.

Reflect – Take some time to reflect on your past. Ask yourself, “How have I evolved?” Maybe you didn’t know how to cook and now everyone runs to the table to taste your meals. Think about how you handle a friend hurting your feelings today compared to when you were in elementary school. Look around your home and office; take stock of your accomplishments. What do they say to you?

In order to evolve, one must learn. There are aspects of the earth, human existence, and the Universe that you don’t know about. Maybe you have become so caught up in “adulting” that you have neglected learning. Personal evolution of any measure requires self-understanding. Once you begin searching for the answers, hopefully you’ll find the joy of getting to know yourself again. This joy of self-mastery is an evolution of itself; it will grow and stretch out to all of your beautiful veins and layers of interest and growth.

Peace and Love, Jim

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