Many things in this life can be recovered from on levels both obvious and sublime. Yet there are some “sticking points” as I like to refer to them that are not as easy to recoup from. Here are five things we each should carefully consider:

A stone after its thrown – once released you cannot simply call it back or end its trajectory so carefully consider the stones you throw and why you throw them at all. It is better to ask questions and seek understanding than to judge and cast stones.

A word after its said – much akin to throwing stones our words can have a life long after we have spoken them. Once born into existence our words can have the power to support and heal or to tear down and break apart. We should each think about the words chosen and the spirits portrayed by those letters and the voices that recite them.

A opportunity missed – life hands us many things, some hard and some easy. Sometimes our opportunities are often hidden or not so clear. Sometimes our fears mask the moments where we have opportunities for growth or understanding. It has been said by many generations that our greatest gifts in life come in the form of chances taken and the courage to see them through. It’s one of my own personal reasons for presence.

Time after its gone – much like opportunities we are given time. though finite and unpredictable we each are given a gift of time. It may be long, it may be short and it’s certainly unknown. The wise amounts us know to seize the day (or moment) for what it is and what it offers.

Trust after its lost – trust in todays world can be very hard to earn (we seem to have so much distrust) and once lost it becomes harder for us to regain it and trust again. So I always teach to trust in your efforts which will point the way to trusting again. If you can’t trust yourself, your efforts, your mindsets then where is trust to be born?

Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort. One mind recognizing the truths of life is more valuable than multitudes screaming about the difficulties.

Peace and Love, Jim

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