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People often say to me, “I’m thinking of quitting my job. Should I do it?” or “I’ve had this idea for a new venture. Should I go for it?” My answer is always the same: absolutely, yes. When you begin to realize that you have the power within you to create a wonderful, exciting, and abundant life for yourself, you will naturally start to think of ways that you can step outside your comfort zone. The journey of manifesting is always accompanied by inspiration, creativity, and an influx of ideas that will just come to you, seemingly out of nowhere. You might be meditating, about to fall asleep, out for a walk, or talking to a friend, and an idea will flow in. I like to think of these ideas as little gifts from the universe. They come to you for a reason: They offer you an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone so that you can create the change you need to get to where you want to be. They are an opportunity for you to show the universe that you are not held back by fear and doubt. When the ideas come, do not ignore them. Instead, make the self-loving decision to take action on them.

Here are a few ways to help you step outside your comfort zone and into your manifesting power:

Be clear on your why – Before stepping outside your comfort zone, be clear on why you want to do so. The “why” is what will drive you through the discomfort. The “why” is what will keep you focused and connected to your vision and keep you motivated if you are met with any challenges or obstacles.

For example, let’s imagine that your friend tells you that a position is opening up at the firm she works at and the role feels just perfect for you. You immediately decide to apply but then see that, as part of the application process, you have to film yourself talking to a camera. If you are someone who has always struggled with being in front of the camera, this would require you to sit through some discomfort while you step outside your comfort zone. So, you would really need to identify your “why” so that it can drive you through the discomfort. It could be, “This job would enable me to work in an area I am truly passionate about. I would feel excited to go to work in the morning and doing something I actually love would make me feel more at peace, it would bring more joy into my life, and it would improve the overall quality of my life.” By remaining focused on your “why,” you will be able to gain the momentum and courage required to film the clip, despite feeling a little uncomfortable or afraid, because you can clearly see the bigger picture and the end goal.

Remove excuses – Excuses are nothing more than a form of self-sabotage. They give us an “out.” Excuses come in many forms but, most commonly, they sound like this: “I’m too busy”; “I’m too tired”; “It’s too difficult”; “I’m not ready”; “I’ll do it another day”; “I don’t have the resources”; “It didn’t work last time I tried”; “I won’t be able to do it perfectly”; “I’m not good enough.” But we must expose our excuses for what they really are: an expression of our fear and doubt. They come out to hold us back from moving forward and stepping into our power when we subconsciously feel that we are not yet ready for greatness. The way to remove excuses is to question every aspect of them. By questioning them, we take away their power.

Don’t give up when faced with challenges – When we step outside our comfort zone, everything will be new, which means that inevitably we will be faced with some obstacles to overcome.

I’m sure that every one of us can remember a time when we have buckled and given up at the first hurdle. Why do we do this? Because challenges trigger our insecurities and test our self-worth. If we are faced with something that we find difficult, we question our own abilities, or if a plan falls through, we worry that we are simply “unlucky.” We allow challenges to reinforce our limiting and subconscious beliefs that we are not worthy of having the things we desire most. So, then what do we do? We run—we run because our innate tendency is to escape from things that make us feel “bad.” But if you want to manifest successfully, you must resist the urge to give up and instead find an alternative way to move forward. Never let those doubtful moments derail you or distract you from your goal. 

Challenges are an inevitable part of life and, rather than seeing them as limitations, I urge you to begin to see them as gifts and opportunities – Challenges give us the chance to show up for ourselves, to learn something new, to build strength, knowledge, and resilience. Challenges push us in new directions and give us new perspectives. Make a choice, right now, to be guided by challenges that you may face instead of being put off by them. In doing so, you send a message to the universe that says, “I am stronger than the challenge I am faced with,” and then the universe will reward your self-belief with abundance.

Peace and Love, Jim

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