Frogs. . .

The perfect way to describe making a wrong decision in your life is by using a frog story. Yes, a frog.

It’s actually called the boiling frog syndrome. It goes something like this:

A frog put suddenly in hot water will jump right out to save itself. But if it is put into cold water that is gradually heated up, the frog will stay there happily until it boils to death.

In the first case, the frog immediately senses the problem and escapes while thinking something along the lines of: “This water is deadly hot! I need to escape! In the second scenario – the cold water slowly getting hotter. The frog is probably thinking: Seems to be getting a little warm in here. Well, but then it’s not so much warmer than it was a while ago.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable right now is not so much of a big deal. We easily adapt to slightly “warmer” water.

Consider this: Spending an hour every day watching funny videos doesn’t feel that bad. We easily convince our minds that what we’re doing is fine by saying things like: Seems like I just wasted an hour of my working day watching celebrity gossip. Well, I still have plenty of time to finish my job for today. Besides, I deserve the break. I work quite hard!

The real problem, as you can imagine, is that we don’t spot that the “water” is getting warmer and warmer. There are many areas of our life where we are slowly boiling. In a lot of these fields, we simply strategically avoid talking and thinking about them.

But there are also times when we are not aware of the problem. We’re blind. We lack awareness. Or if we can categorize the two, we can say that making wrong decisions is caused because we are often 1) avoiding our problems and/or 2) unaware of our problems.

Can small decisions ruin our days, moments or life? Well on some level yes but often it’s not the decision itself. It’s always how we think – or don’t think – that leads to bad outcomes. The one decision you can do to prevent all bad decisions is keeping an open mind and trying to change the way you think for the better.

Yes. It’s not going to be easy. Your current thoughts will do all possible to resist the newcomers. But it’s surely going to be helpful.

Peace and Love, Jim

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