I’ve learned to use failure as fuel for the growth of my life. Here are my personal tips for failing forward.

Have No Regrets – Life is too short to live with regret. We will all pass one day and it would be a great tragedy for all of our best ideas to pass with us. Or worse, to to never have tried. Our total time on this planet averages 30,000 days, an alarmingly small number in the big picture. Value each day, and be determined to make every second worthwhile. It’s surprising how something as simple as focusing on time or lack of it can reignite your commitment to achieving your goals, big or small.

Accept Reality – Acceptance makes it easier to move forward; it brings completion to the life cycle of our days so that we can be free to discover our own residence and capacities.

Don’t Be A Victim, Be A Strategist – When you try something and it doesn’t work, it can be easy to adopt a woe-is-me attitude, but that won’t help you move forward. You have to correct your reaction. Examine where you fumbled and grow from those errors. Get your systems/reactions in place and make them work. You will grow.

Be Focused – There would be no next or new thing if we didn’t learn how to prioritize my health and my time in order to move on. We have to decide what aspects of life are most important to us, get them running smoothly and allow our forward movement to fall into place.

Every Day is A Lesson – You have to be open to every experience as an opportunity to learn something new. The faster and harder you fail, the less and less afraid you become of it because you have come out on the other side of it and are usually stronger and better equipped for it.

Peace and Love, Jim

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