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The Holiday season is here and many of us look forward to family, friends celebrations and shared moments. Despite the joys many of us will also deal with dramas, difficulties and not so pleasant emotions as well.

We need to embrace the full spectrum of emotions this season and grow from our moments both fun and difficult. We do this by setting with our emotions and understanding them. When we allow ourselves to sit with our emotions as they arise, we sometimes realize feelings like fear, grief, or anger are necessary, and even useful. These emotions can create space for personal appraisal, which in turn opens the door for new insights to emerge.

Sometimes all it takes is one event to illuminate the pathway towards what we inherently need.

Trauma is a powerful force that’s often accompanied by strong feelings and the need to grieve or recover, and giving yourself the time to do so is essential. Then, when we feel like we’ve adequately processed what happened in whichever way you find best supports your recovery, possibly with the help of a professional, these same emotions can be the catalyst for change by providing us the motivation to recalibrate. Our discomfort can act as a guide. Sometimes all it takes is one event to illuminate the pathway towards what we inherently need. It could be the realization that a shift of priorities would better support our well-being, or that an area of life needs realignment. 

The holiday season is also full of amazing moments we should embrace and learn from. What Jim? Yes we should actively make note of and enjoy the small moments around the holidays. Much like the practice of mindfulness, this type of savoring involves being present in the current moment and aware of sensory information. But unlike mindfulness, which emphasizes detached observation, in-the-moment savoring involves actively seeking out and soaking in the positive emotions.

This comes more easily when you set your intentions ahead of time regarding where, when, and what you’re going to savor. For instance, if you plan to savor your family holiday dinner, you might notice more of the little quirks that you love about your relatives, feel more grateful for your time together, and be less perturbed by a snide comment or a dry turkey.

This creates an upward spiral of positivity. In fact, some research suggests involving others in your savoring can not only increase the positive impact of events but can also boost your mental and physical resilience. So this holiday season embrace the full spectrum of the holidays and grow from the moments of joy and the times of difficulty in the end you are creating a bigger mind, a bigger heart and bigger understanding.

The holidays are an opportunity to journey within and reflect on your amazing abilities to feel and understand it all.

Peace and Love, Jim

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