Growth. . .

In life we develop many markers of growth – our first steps, first words, graduations and more, but what is personal growth? Personal growth is the application and understanding of your skills, knowledge, wisdom and characteristics. Yes we still have skills to learn and master but that should always include the application of what we have learned.

Through personal application and understanding of the many lessons you have had in this life is your growth. It’s uniquely yours as is mine but our universal understanding of this journey and these paths are what bind us, give us roots from which to expand and grow. Personal growth can certainly be seen as the path but it can also be the fruit of the journey. That which nourishes the next step.The true beauty of personal growth is that the possibilities are infinite. Whatsmore, you can grow towards your goals in whichever way you choose, and personal growth practices act as your trusty fertilizer. And the more you grow, the happier, more fulfilled you’ll be now and in your next steps. 

Peace and Love, Jim

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