Jorogumo. . .

The Jorogumo is a half-woman, half-spider yokai that can transform itself into a beautiful woman when hunting for unsuspecting men to devour!

A young samurai was accosted in the street by an alluringly gorgeous woman. Although she was beautiful, the samurai saw through her disguise, realizing she was not a human but some kind of yokai. He immediately drew his sword and plunged it towards her, but only injuring the strange woman before she quickly retreated. The samurai followed the scarlet trail of spotted blood, all the way to an old, abandoned house. Inside, he found dozens of bodies bound in spider silk, and a giant Joro spider, dead from the injuries it had received.

Our lesson: We must be on guard to the beauties we find in life. Enjoy and savor them but always be balanced in your pleasures. There are many an evil that will use beauty, truth and love to deceive and fulfill their own haunted hunger.

Peace and Love, Jim

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