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Once had a college professor ask me how I knew that I “know” anything since almost all of my formal education was given to me by others or read from books. I pondered this for a few days and began to ask myself “just what do ” I ” know? For me this became the beginning of my journey. The journey to find out my own truths for myself, to shine a light into the dark corners of my mind and illuminate the natural wisdom I felt lived there.

Knowledge is important in order to be successful on any path we choose to take, but what type of knowledge? Is it knowledge such as math and science? Is it the knowledge about how to meet the challenges that life presents to us? Personally I feel that a well balanced education along with investigating our own lives and truths, are invaluable skills that prepare us for a lifetime of lessons.

This balance is the light that allows us to illuminate our hearts and minds for both ourselves and others, which brings me to my thought for the day:

Ignorance is like a shadow. It has no real substance of its own, it is simply a lack of light. You cannot cause a shadow to disappear by trying to right it, stamp on it, by railing against it, or any other form of emotional or physical resistance. In order to cause a shadow to disappear, you must shine light on it. Have a great day and remember, who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.

Peace and Love, Jim

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