Rather than just hoping that you will have a peaceful day and have positive experiences, make it happen.

In other words, before stepping out from a deep slumber and going through the auto-pilot mechanics of your hectic life, take five to 10 minutes to think about some positive feelings and outlooks to set in motion. This will make it more likely that you will be able to experience peace for the coming day ahead, whatever the day might bring.

My own motivations and affirmations include:

I will attempt to be peaceful in all of my interactions with others.
I will be a conduit of calm, serenity and happiness in all things that I do.
I will attempt to gain positive enlightenment from my day and learn from others.
I will accept people as loving, peaceful and accepting as I am and will not judge.

The aim is to be the maker and creator of your first feelings of the day, which will undoubtedly effect the remainder of your day. The first feelings of the day are the most influential as to how the rest of your day will be. If you make an effort to make these thoughts a part of your conscious and subconscious awareness, you will not only have a more peaceful day, but effect others in the same manners as well.

Peace and Love, Jim

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