Many of us desire and accumulate unnecessary possessions like it’s an addiction.

However, according to Buddhist philosophy, it can be harmful to desire superficial objects. It doesn’t lead to much meaning in life and it can leave you in an endless process of desiring when the excitement of owning these material possessions wears off. The more you can remove “things” in your life, the less cluttered you’ll feel.This doesn’t just involve material possessions, either. You can ask yourself what’s really important in your life, and focus only on your highest priorities.
Always balance out what you own against what you really desire to be happy by asking yourself this:

What drives my desires for this object or state of being?

How will this shape me and my life for the next year?

In two years what will this mean to me?

A simplified life is a more enjoyable, easier to maintain and less complicated. It frees our minds and our time for more productive activities both physically and mentally. In the end its rarely objects or places we will remember over the minutes we spent with others living, laughing and loving.

Peace and Love, Jim

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