Never Stops. . .

As mindfulness practitioners, we know that it is a practice of renewing one’s awareness, again and again.

When one first wakes up in the morning and opens one’s eyes, there’s a moment: there is the sensation of having sight, before the content of what’s seen is registered, before the sense of self coalesces again… In that moment there can be a simple and deep pleasure of having this sense perception, an appreciation of being alive. One can experience this new beginning frequently in meditation, a practice of renewing one’s practice, in the moment, as losing concentration is the nature of our practice.

In life as well–we will lose our grounding countless times, and if we’re committed to practice, we simply begin again, and again. The minds of new beginnings is an inclusive mind, it is love in action. And it is how we can bring more harmony into the world, solve problems from a deeper place of presence: feel  when you are connected, and when you are disconnected, look into what’s disconnecting you.

Can you feel your heart? Can you feel it open and close? Make it a practice to notice what opens and closes your heart, and do your best to keep it open. You don’t need to understand how it happened, just notice it time after time. Not the why or how, which is cause and effect thinking, just the what. That’s the beginning of healing, and healing in this way never stops. 

Peace and Love, Jim

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