Halloween is just around the corner and the season reminds me of many things including zombies. . .

It’s so much better when you wake up and really start living life. It’s so good when you aren’t a zombie anymore. I don’t care if it’s Monday, Friday or Saturday. I always have something to look forward to. I love my work, so even if it’s Friday afternoon I have no problem sitting down and writing an article or two. I have so many different interests that I can’t imagine wasting a second of my life.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not the happiest person alive. I have so much emotional baggage, many problems to deal with, my starting point was annihilating and I have an extremely complex personality that often makes me my own worst enemy. But I find life to be a very precious thing. I appreciate every second I have. I’m grateful for every talent I have and I for sure don’t want to waste them. I see the world as a beautiful place where I can learn, grow, connect, create and enjoy life. The world has so much to offer that I don’t imagine wasting it in any sense of the meaning.

Now take this and find some balance with it, lets it weigh in and then decide how you are going to address it in your own life – Stop living the zombie life. Every single second counts. Each of the 200 times you check your mobile phone counts. You could be brainstorming ideas. Every time you check social networks and stalk other people online instead of really living life, counts. You could be climbing a mountain or swimming in the sea. Every meeting you go to in order to kill some time, counts. You could be creating your next masterpiece. You could be doing so many things large and small that truly bring you to life!

Now Im not ranting or saying that we are all wasting our time and days, Im just encouraging everyone to wake a bit. I have met so many talented people who decided not to wake up from the zombie life. They decided not to take the red pill and many are still slugging through their zombie days. Don’t be one of them. No matter how tough your past was, no matter how difficult your life situation is, keep going. Never start wasting your life, never stop fighting. Never settle and never give up. Every second of your life given to you is a precious second and you have to learn and grow from it. Don’t make stupid decisions, develop good positive habits, appreciate life, and all that will sooner or later lead you to a good positive life. 

Peace and Love, Jim

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