Life feels like a roller coaster sometimes, doesn’t it?  Unlike actual roller coasters, we don’t have much of a choice about buckling into the ride of life.  In all actuality, I am sometimes hesitant to get on roller coaster rides because of how they’ll make me feel.  Will I enjoy the ride?  Will it make me sick? Will I be dizzy for a week after a few thrilling moments?

Let’s take the chance and buckle in a while, shall we? While we’re on the ride, we notice there are ups and downs and spins and turns.  Just when we think we know what’s coming, the good rides take us by surprise and change all our expectations.  But, isn’t that the main reason for getting on the ride in the first place?  Don’t we want the full experience?  And, isn’t it worth it?

You’ve heard about these metaphoric roller coaster rides. The moments you didn’t see coming, the turns along the way, the moments of elation and those of disappointment are all very real in life.  The moments of screaming at the top of your lungs with joy and excitement are all also very real. The moments when you figure out which friends are willing to endure the nausea and the excitement that comes with facing the coaster with your eyes wide open is real too. This rollercoaster is called life and we have only one choice – to embrace it. to learn to take the turns with curiosity and understand that we have to endure the ride with both inner strength and resilience. Some of the ups and downs may make us feel sick, but just a s real coaster cannot stop midway to let us off, we Dig deep, we hang on and when the ride ends we have learned something great about ourselves, our decisions and resilience to hang in there and hang on for the ride of our life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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