Remember the see-saw in school ( a tongue twister there)? Up and down it went one side to the other, then of course your friend jumps off and you go crashing to the ground!

Life can sometime feel the same way. We aim to balance work and life, busy and bored, or any number of seemingly opposite ends of the see-saw ride.

However if we look closely we can understand that the see-saw does not work without its ends, the weights pulling in seemingly opposing directions. Think back – as a child did you and a friend ever try to balance yourselves perfectly on the see-saw so that you each hovered effortlessly above the ground, floating, laughing and carefully balancing yourselves on the teetering ride?

Life is very much this way and we can find our balance by appreciating the simple fact that what we need are opposing forces willing to appreciate and work together, supporting one another and coming to know just what is required to balance out the board upon which we sit. We we can do this something becomes very clear – Life is never about the ride, but about the balance order and harmony achieved while riding the see-saw of life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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