Shine. . .

What is meant when you see or hear the term “shine a little light on it?”

Even what may seem at first sight to be an intensely negative situation—a difficult relationship, financial woes or poor health—can serve as an opportunity for the creation of positive value. A lifelong commitment to justice, for example, may arise from an early experience of having been wronged.

Buddhist practice enhances our ability to see those possibilities, as well as the vitality, wisdom and persistence to realize them. Because we live our lives within networks of interrelatedness and interdependence, the positive value we create for ourselves is communicated and shared with others. Thus, what started out as the inner determination of one individual to transform their circumstances can encourage, inspire and create lasting value within society.

The philosophy of value creation is thus a call to action—as we are, where we are—in the cause of human happiness. It is from the effort to orient our hearts toward a sublime objective that we gain the wisdom and energy to shape reality, at each moment, in the most value-creating ways. The key to leading a fulfilled life, free of regrets, is to dedicate ourselves to a cause, a goal that is larger than us.

Peace and Love, Jim

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