Simple Days. . .

Life will never be simple, but we can learn many ways to make it simpler and easier on our mind and body.

When I first learned about simple living I felt as though it was something I belonged in, but that I wasn’t really informed enough to be able to join. What I didn’t realize back then was that I didn’t need to be growing my own food, making my own clothes and living with only a handful of possessions to be a part of it. So what is simple living? 

Simple Living is the intention and practice of living more simply in all areas of life.It is more about the intention than any given standard of living, and there should be no judgement of others because there is no criteria for simple living: it is a journey.

Many people (myself included), initially find their way to simple living through decluttering. The things that we own can number in the thousands, if not tens of thousands and for most households what comes in constantly outweighs what goes out.

Living a more simple life is usually equated with owning less, sometimes living in a smaller house, a tiny house, or even with not having a permanent base and being a nomadic traveller (my personal favorite). The process of questioning what belongings we really need to own opens up the simple living world as we start to look at how we travel, what clothes we wear, what we buy and what food we eat. I think for anyone wanting to simplify their lives, a deep look at your relationship with things is the single most powerful thing you can embrace that will change the way you do everything else.

I am all for technology – I think it’s an amazing tool that can make life easier, and make tasks faster and more efficient. However, it is something that is very much open to abuse – especially with children who love screens! I wouldn’t want to live without technology in my life, but that is just me. There are people out there who live off the grid and have very little to do with anything electronic. As I said before there is no right way of simple living. It should be something that fits with your lifestyle. Perhaps that’s no screens after dinner, or maybe no TV in the house at all. Whatever feels right for you is right for you.

Simple living means not letting things, people and habits rule you. Always remember that in simplicity we find a wealth of understanding, time to learn and most importantly time to reflect and grow. Simple living is a path that will lead you forward. It promotes a less hectic, less chaotic, and less stressful existence.

Peace and Love, Jim

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