Simple Season. . .

Though I am a  Buddhist, I still practice many of the rituals of Christmas – decorating a tree and the loft, visiting with others, finding meaningful gifts, working with charities and  offering time to folks who have less than I do. I create meals and even have a tradition of making my own secret fried okra recipe for a traditional southern indulgence. During this time of year, I love taking night drives and walks to look at the brightly lit decorations illuminating windows, doors and lawns. These gifts of beauty are freel and offered up for all to enjoy. I enjoy twatching the holiday movies that we relentlessly make fun of but watch together with those we love and share laughs with.

The holiday season can be simple reminder to spend your time simply and beautifully without the traps of elaborate gifts or commercial spending – We simply need to give the best gift we have, our time, our energy and our love.

Peace and Love, Jim

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