Working to achieve something is hard. Battling adversity as we work on a project, or just in day-to-day life is even harder. Progress demands seeing beyond the frustrations and fears that strike on a daily basis. Staying the course requires that we put aside frustrations over results and improvements that come infrequently and on a smaller scale than might be desirable.

In my own journey I have become certain that to free myself to take the action required to bring about change, I need to have some expectation and anticipation of results or payback from my efforts, it’s a common ground for many of us. The tricky balance is in making sure the action is undertaken in its own right and for its own benefit; the results may or may not come as quickly as expected, to the scale expected but results will come nonetheless. They will only come though, if action is taken and if things are done.

We just have to trust that if action is taken then results will follow. The important thing is to advance brightly and strive to be victorious at each moment, right where we are; to begin something here and now instead of fretting and worrying over what will happen. This is the starting point for transforming our lives.

Peace and Love, Jim

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