Awareness. . .
a·ware·ness – /əˈwernəs/noun
“we need to raise public awareness of the issue”

How Does Awareness Bring Positive Changes to Our Life?

  1. Presence allow us to enjoy the good things around us, which we may not notice if we are always filled with anxious thoughts about the past and future.
  2. Awareness keeps negative, anxious thoughts at bay. If we are aware, you can stop a negative thought in its track simply just by noticing it. If we do not have the presence, we allow these thoughts to carry us away, until these thoughts give birth to another similar thoughts. Before we know it, it has become your normal way of thinking. And negativity, our normal way of living.
  3. When we are manage anxiety this way, you are present enough to know that these are thoughts, and that they are not your reality. You become more focused on what is in front of you rather than on your imagination.
  4. When we are present, we learned to live life. The actual life. Not our life situations. You notice the tree swaying with the wind. You hear the delight in a child’s laughter. You taste just how good your breakfast is. Life is in front of you. I mean, how many magical moments have we wasted because we chose to focus on our minds.
  5. Awareness allow you to enjoy life.
Personally, I think awareness gives way to more beautiful state of being such as gratitude and joy. Being aware makes it easier for us to feel happier, as it allows us to examine our thoughts closely and not be carried away by them.
Peace and Love, Jim
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