The Daily Buddha is nearly 15 years published. What started as a daily practice for me to write and invest daily in presence and sharing, became its own resource to activate people through education, inspiration and connection to live in a way that honors the diversity and interdependence of all life.I believe that you, yes you, make the difference in the world. I believe this of each and everyone one of us and so together we shall continue our journey.

As I mentioned in last weeks video I will be shutting down the web site, YouTube channel and social media uploads to do server upgrades, site overhauls, tech updates and seek out answers to my current mobility issues, rehab and other physical requirements that are simply going to require more of my time than typical.

Rest assured I am going no where and The Daily Buddha will be back up and running sometime in August. Until then please feel free to visit the Facebook archives (like below) where you can click back through the years to find, reread or enjoy many of the daily inspirations from the past.

I will keep everyone posted when the updates are complete, the sites back up and my own personal progress. Until then keep the emails coming, the pictures light and words or inspiration bright!

Peace and Love, Jim

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