The Magic of Travel. . .

Amidst the last three or so years we have all been through a lot – pandemics and the myriad of related reactions and issues, the state of the news and the never-ending scroll of worry, there is a bright spot not on a distant horizon for anyone needing a break – travel.

We all can participate in travel – long distance long time or short and sweet getaways, there is something fresh about packing some favorite snacks and friends and taking a trip. I encourage road trips to avoid the stresses of air travel and the insane costs and difficulties of flying. A good old fashioned road trip is easy and holds more than we might imagine.

The open road and its promise of adventure have been calling us since the roll-out of the Model T. It is romance with the unknown of the next turn and the freedom, mobility, and connection to nature a a short trip allows. The ride to forests and fells, lakes and rivers, mountains and dells evokes a sense of validation and well-being. And once the brake is set, and the step made into the fresh air, there is the parade of wonder. The journey and its denouement are vital to mental and emotional health, and are available in superabundance in our own epic out-of-doors. 

To me, the Great Road Trip is any trip that gives you a new perspective and appreciation for home, life and this amazing world. To be able to return home from a road trip and see everything with fresh eyes and a fresh mindset is, I believe, one of the greatest rewards of travel. Going on an adventure doesn’t have to mean hustling down a terminal to make a flight connection — adventure can be found simply by stepping out in your own backyard. We have such beautiful and breathtaking destinations all around us. Start small and take short, local road trips before setting off on a longer, cross-country journey. I’m also a huge believer in the incredible health benefits that come from disconnecting from your 9-to-5 and reconnecting yourself — or with family and friends — in the outdoors. 

Travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Peace and Love, Jim

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