Three Things. . .

Chen Ziqin asked Confucius’s son: “does your father teach you something that we don’t know?”

The other answered: “No. Once, when I was alone, he asked if I read poetry. I said no, and he told me to read some, because poetry opens the soul to the path of divine inspiration.

“On another occasion he asked whether I practiced the rituals of adoration of God. I said no, and he told me to do so, because the act of adoring would make me understand myself. But he never kept an eye on me to see if I was obeying him.”

When Chen Ziqin left, he said to himself:

“I asked one question and was given three answers – I learned something about poetry. I learned something about the rituals of adoration. And I learned that an honest man never spies on the honesty of others.

Peace and Love, Jim

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