One of our greatest gifts is the ability to transform anything, and everything, into the path of awakening. In Buddhism, we try to solve all our problems in life by treating them as opportunities to develop spiritual qualities in us that otherwise wouldn’t be cultivated. Often when we have a problem confronting us – that is all we can see – the problem. It’s a dark, ugly tunnel that seems to go on forever and we can’t see any exit out. This can quickly lead to feelings of frustration, anger, hopelessness, and despondency. But what might look like a disaster to us, from another perspective, could actually be something quite fortunate. In fact, how every situation is perceived is simply a matter of opinion. If everyone else can look at the same situation and view it as something different, then perhaps we can too.

It often helps at these times to remember that everything is impermanent – even the difficult time we’re having now. It cannot and will not last. Something has to change. It is the nature of life to move in cycles. Sometimes things will go our way and sometimes they won’t. So we need to practice wisdom and remember the impermanence of our current difficulties. In fact, knowing that they’re in the process of change, right now, should put a smile on our face. In the past, what might have seemed to us as insurmountable problems have now passed, and this one will too. It’s just a matter of practicing a bit of patience and understanding the shift will happen.

Peace and Love, Jim

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