Transformations. . . By now you have heard of AI, the rumors of it running our lives, jobs etc., As a Buddhist what do we have to fear or be concerned with as this new technology appears on the horizon? This process of inner transformation enables us to break through the shackles of our “lesser self,” bound by self-concern and the ego, and bring forth our “greater self,” which is capable of taking action and caring for others and, ultimately, all humanity. In the process, we can harness advancements in all spheres of human activity in a way that protects and serves humanity. There are many kinds of revolutions—political, economic, industrial, scientific and artistic; there are revolutions in the distribution of goods and services, in communications, and in countless other spheres. Each is significant in its own way, and sometimes necessary. But whatever changes are made, if the people implementing them are selfish and lack compassion, they won’t improve the world. Human revolution is the most fundamental revolution and, indeed, the most essential revolution for humankind. Peace and Love, Jim #change #thedailybuddha Buy Me A Coffee – A Easy Way To support The Daily Buddha! The Daily Buddha – Support The Server The Daily Buddha  – Web The Daily Buddha – YouTube The Daily Buddha – Facebook
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