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Growth-oriented people are constantly asking themselves how they can make things better. That’s not to say that things always need to get better, there’s a healthy balance between accepting things that are good enough and finding room for improvement… 

When we approach our lives with curiosity and a desire to generate more awareness, we give ourselves more context to make better decisions without the bias of our own judgment. Then if we discover something we feel compelled to try out, run a test without attachment to a certain outcome and see how it goes.

Our natural inclination is to add more on top of what we’ve already got. But complexity and volume don’t guarantee better results. Research is starting to show that more is gained from a sense of balance between extremes including our thoughts and actions. One side of the coin of enough is complacency, meeting minimum requirements.The other side, which is sufficiency and satisfaction – If it isn’t broke don’t fix it, mindset.

But again, isn’t it worth thinking about what’s possible? Is there a better way? Awareness never hurts.

Getting in the habit of thinking this way serves you in more than the immediate. Our thinking is simply the process of asking and answering questions to ourselves. So when we ask good, creative, challenging questions like this, we train our brain to think more creatively. 

This applies to anything. It could be as mundane as your current grocery shopping process – Is there a better way? Something that’s simpler or different than what you’re already doing, or more efficient? Or it could be as tactical as evaluating a core strategy in your business. What would simpler or different even look like?

Give it a try and remember – A person with a new idea is the crank of the engine, they turn it over until it starts and we can take the next turn.

Peace and Love, Jim

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