Uncomplicate. . .
I am often asked if there is a single way to accept more and uncomplicated our life. A simple, four-word, generic answer is — Change your belief system. The problem starts when we think something, feel something else, and do something completely different. Complicated humans, I must say. But that’s the beauty of  this thing we call life – we learn along the way. See, there are lots of layers to human nature, but the core remains the same. That “core” mindset is who you “think”are and how “that” version of you should be.

But how do we create this belief system? Or how to change a corrupt one? That’s the tricky part, isn’t it? I can write all the advice in the world, and you can read all that advice, but nothing will make a difference if it isn’t followed by thoughtful action.

If you want to achieve something, but cannot get yourself to work toward it, then start by taking the tiniest action you can. Do it every day for 90 days. Then your brain will start accepting that fact and be like — “That’s what we are going to do now — no escaping”. That message will reach each cell of your body and eventually, slowly, gradually (Add more synonyms if you want), you will reach whatever is it that you are striving for.

How amazing, right? We humans tend to think we can do something on our own, and that we are independent. Firstly, it’s all a lie. We are interdependent creatures. We need the help of other people. More importantly, we need every cell of our body to believe in the same thing as we do. Our brain, cell, being — everything should be in a proper sync.

Because if the unity breaks, there is not going to be any action. And if there’s no action — there are no results, let alone positive changes and steps towards grace, understanding and acceptance.

Peace and Love, Jim
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