Grace. . .

What thoughts and images are created when you hear of or speak on the topic of grace?

The word “grace” isn’t foreign to most of us. For such a common word it seems we have no clear definitions of what the word, action and/or meaning could actually be pointing at. In my own life and searches for adding some depth to the concept of grace I have decided that the meaning of the word grace isn’t static, it’s constantly changing from person to person and even within an individual. Across the board, though, it’s a powerful thing.

My Buddhist practice is what reminds me that at the root we are all at the core good. That we always have the opportunity for goodness and nothing can taint, stain, or mess that up. So, when I think of grace through that lens I think of that warmness reminding me that we each are alright. I realize that no mistake I make can make me any less good because that goodness is untouchable.

Lama Surya Das, author of Awakening the Buddha Within, says, “Grace is the “isness’ of life. It’s the recognition that everything is connected and sacred.” This idea of interconnectedness is a perfect example of the concept of grace – that by being ourselves as connected we tend to take a bigger a picture of life, of actions small and large that move us, influence us and ultimately shape us as a whole.

So maybe we simply our concepts of grace down to “universal understanding.”

Today take a moment and reflect on your definition of grace. remember that you are fundamentally okay, you part of something greater, and a part of something unique.Keep exploring the meaning of grace, letting its concepts touch you, and allow your definition to adapt with each lesson you receive in this precious moment we share called life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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