It’s easy just to pick a flower, bring it home, put it in the vase, and watch how it fades away in a few days. But if you show that flower some loving care and let it grow by watering it daily, it’ll keep blooming to show more of its beautiful colors.

You can apply a similar principle to your life. If you put love in whatever you do — work, fun, or relationships — you get so much more in return. Dig deeper into what you’re doing. When you go beyond the realm of superficiality you can uncover deeper aspects that were previously unknown to you. Make sure the work you do in life aligns with your passions. Because to put in your best effort into what you do, you must love it with all your heart and not just like it. If you’re passionate about something, you’re more likely to give your best. So it’ll show in the quality of work you produce. If it’s the only life you’ve got, go all in and give it your best.

The same goes for relationships — first, you like someone, then you realize you’re deeply in love with that person. But to keep nurturing that relationship, you need to invest time and effort to sustain it. So live your life with love. Learning to love your moments in life will help you live your life to the fullest. The more things you fall in love with, the more meaningful and fulfilling your life will be.

Peace and Love, Jim

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