Happy 2018 to all!

2017 was a unique year in many ways and it along with everything else was a exercise in change, patience and understanding. May 2018 present us each with these same values and may we each be better equipped mentally and emotionally to adapt, embrace and rise to our moments!

With 2018 I am continuing my growth and expansion on YouTube and will be posting 2 videos per week (you can do this Jim), these scheduled for Tuesdays – “Mindful Minute” and Saturdays “Weekend Wakeup.” Of course I will continue with the daily writings and publishing each day on social networks and my own site. I would like to say hello to all the new subscribers and as always encourage everyone to drop me emails, comments and suggestions as always!

I have also been working on developing anew web site for The Daily Buddha and would like to feature more content, contributions and information for helping us discover and navigate or unique courses through this gift of life. I am also seeking topics of interest to each of you and would love to write and talk about these so please submit questions or topics of interest via email (contributors@thedailybuddha.com) or social channels.

With the new year may we each gain a new perspective and gain new insights and wisdom to help not only ourselves but our world as a whole. let us each remember this – No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

Peace and Love, Jim

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