Happy Holidays all!

Its that time of year and I hope each of you spend it with those you have and love along with the understanding and compassion and that is so much needed during the holidays.

I am also sending this put to notify each of you beautiful wonderful people that The Daily Buddha website, posts and other items will be shutdown for year end maintenance and clean up. It is a necessary step to ensure the server and other items are updated and ready for the new year. I encourage each of you visit the archives hosted on the Facebook page or view the videos on the YouTube channel (links below) if you have smart TV in which you can install apps I highly encourage you sign up for YouTube, install the app on your TV and enjoy the video upload from the comfort of your living room on your TV.

I would also like to thank each of you for your contributions, purchase of my audio book “Glimpses of Light” and other donations. Its helps out tremendously with maintenance and growth of The Daily Buddha and as mentioned before there are new goals set on the horizon for 2018

I have many plans for the new year, but lets not fast forward beyond our moments and simply rest and enjoy the spirit of the season loving and giving with those that make our world and our days meaningful. Happy Holidays to each of you and many thanks for simply being a part of my life and the journey!

Peace and Love, Jim

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