Good day to all and a Happy Friday!

Today I simply wanted to share a link to The Daily Buddha website for a few reasons:

The first is that I have finally gotten the reader contribution section up and running. It features artwork and imagery from readers across the globe so please take a seat and enjoy the art contributions HERE or simply click the “Reader Gallery” navigation link from the main page.

Secondly I now have included all of The Daily Buddha videos thus far from my YouTube channel on the WEBSITE. If you are on YouTube, please subscribe to my channel via the page. I have taken on YouTube for two reasons: to reach a new audience and to generate funds to help me with growing and serving up The Daily Buddha in new formats. Your viewership is a great way to support The Daily Buddha efforts to grow and expand!

Finally a big thanks to all who have contributed articles, artwork and support. So many good things have come from the opening of these doorways to more writers, artists and other contributions that I may need to redesign the website and other pages as we move forward together. My mission is to bring the common sense approach and self understanding of Buddhism to a new generation for the new times ahead of us all. As I grow I hope to also achieve my non-profit status and expand The Daily Buddha into a position to help causes and organizations spread the Dharma to all. There will be more details on this over the next year, so stay tuned!

For the many of you asking about supporting The Daily Buddha you can always click on the Donate Page to learn more and contribute. Each of you have made this small project something bigger and better than I ever could have imagined all those years ago and that my friends is reason enough to rejoice and rest in OUR accomplishments and sharing! 

Happy Weekend!

Peace and Love, Jim


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