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Change is inevitable and necessary for any of us. However, not everyone is comfortable with change and some may resist or avoid it. 

Maybe we are overwhelmed by the uncertainty or complexity of the moments. Maybe we have had bad experiences with change in the past. Acknowledge these moments without judging or dismissing your feelings. Acknowledge your perspective and try. to understand your emotions.

Embracing change lets you handle setbacks and appreciate success. Setbacks are inevitable. Never will everything go perfectly for you. Embracing change means that you can be positive or at least be content in the knowledge that things will get better in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

You are in the driver’s seat when you accept or lean into change. Of course, you will not always pick the right road to travel, but it enables you to take control of the wheel and be an active driver, so to speak. You can change course or take an exit if needed.

Rather than being a passenger with no opportunity to steer the car, you can be proactive, take control of the direction of your life, and live the life you want.

Peace and Love, Jim

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