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Soft skills are those interpersonal skills or behaviors we use to interact and communicate with family members, friends, and other people we meet and engage with daily. Soft skills are often called “people skills.” They help you work well with others, adapt to new situations, and solve complex problems.

Communication skills are essential to building relationships. They help you express your thoughts clearly and effectively, engage in active listening, and appreciate the value of other peoples’ viewpoints. These soft skills are often labelled “emotional intelligence.”

Emotional intelligence describes a person’s ability to understand and manage their emotions and feelings, empathize with other people, and recognize their effect on others. Your ability to understand yourself better, build strong relationships, and work together at every level of your interactions is critical to growth and development both personally and professionally.

If you think about it, the importance of emotional intelligence becomes clear. It makes all the difference between stagnancy and growth. It’s never too late to improve upon the ability to understand and manage our emotions. Honing your abilities to understand conflicts, solve problems, and grow from your efforts can lead to stronger relationships, better outcomes and more insight into the whims and activities of the mind and heart.

Peace and Love, Jim

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